About Charterhouse

Charterhouse is a firm of chartered surveyors and planning consultants that specialises in providing professional property and planning services to the telecommunications, utility and energy sectors. We specialise in mobile telecommunications, cost reduction and site consolidation services, in national and local planning advisory and separately in the provision of professional property services to landowners and acquiring authorities in relation to road, energy and utility infrastructure rollout.

We are in business to deliver solutions to client companies. We are motivated by working on large scale projects with teams that share common objectives and values.

We are an organisation that employs skilled, intelligent and motivated personnel and we continually challenge our employees to reach new goals, to develop new skills and to fulfill their potential.

Key Personnel

John Corridan is a general practice chartered surveyor by profession. John has 14 years' experience in UK and Ireland in providing planning and property services to telecommunications clients including Telefonica O2, 3, Orange PCS, BT Ireland, Threefold, ESB Telecoms and Shared Access. He has contributed to a host of network rollout projects. His specialism is developed in the areas of planning consultancy and professional property services, e.g. rent reduction implementation. John heads the property division in Charterhouse. View LinkedIn Profile

What Makes Us Different

  • Charterhouse employs only experienced and skilled personnel. We pride ourselves on the quality and capacity of our team.
  • Charterhouse commits fully to serving the client need. We set high standards for ourselves to ensure that every client instruction is treated with skill, duty and care.
  • Charterhouse encourages all team members to develop professionally and personally. Work place flexibility and study time is afforded to all team members wishing to up skill professionally.
  • Charterhouse believes in corporate social responsibility. Many of its team members act on the Boards of local educational institutions and voluntary organisations.

What We Believe In

  • Delivery - We always deliver on our promises.
  • Excellence - We operate a "do things once" policy where excellence is delivered to the client first time.
  • Trust - Trust and integrity are at the core of our company ethos.